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How to Order

1. Concept Art

Good Concept Art is where it all starts. This is the reference we will be building your custom suit off of. If you don’t have reference or are just looking for a new one check out our Concept Art page. 

Have questions about the commision process, take a look a Step-by-Step guide on the commision process.

2. Getting a Quote

Once you have your ref it’s time to get a quote. To get a quote fill out quote form, linked below. Be sure to fill it out completely to the best of your ability. Getting a quote do not guarantee a commission slot, it is simply a price quote for your reference.  

3. Payment and Timeline

Now that you've got your quote, it’s time to move on to payments, and Timelines. To claim your slot during the current opening, place a 30% deposit down. Please keep in mind this is what we use to purchase a majority of the supplies for your suit so it is nonrefundable. After that you can do payment plans or pay it off all at once if you like, just keep in mind construction on your suit will not start until it is 100% paid off. While we don't accept deadlines we will try to accommodate your needs within reason, so if you do have a timeline now is the time to let us know.​

4. Preperation

So you've made your down payment or you've paid your suit in full. It's time to make and send in your DTD. Along with your closed toed shoes, and your measurement form which will be sent to you be email. During this time we will also be sending you pictures of your fur for approval.

5. Constuction

It's your turn! Your suit is up for construction. This part will go through really quickly once we start. We do not give specific work in progress photos because it tends to slow us down. However we do have a channel on Telegram where we post our everyday updates @StarSuitsUpdates, and we also post the big things on our Twitter @StarSuits . 

6. Shipping

Your suit is complete! Congratulations! Now just to get it to you. Once we get your whole suit packaged, we take it to the shipper to get a quote based on your address and box size. We immediately send you the quote and as soon as it’s paid we ship it your way. Shipping can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks, or more if it’s going international. Now to track your package.

7. Your Suit Arrived

Have Fun!

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